We have an exciting Virtual Witan schedule, planned for the days that Witan 2020 was originally due to take place!

Date & Time Activity Location
Wednesday 8th July, 20:00 Opening Ceremony! Live stream on Facebook
Thursday 9th July, 19:30 SDGs Workshop Join us on Zoom
Friday 10th July, 19:00 International Campfire Live stream on Facebook
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th July, all day Scavenger Hunt On the Scavenger Hunt page (coming soon!)
Sunday 12th July, 19:00 Quiz Night Join us on Zoom
Monday 13th July, 20:00 Craft Night Join us on Zoom
Tuesday 14th July, 19:30 Light Trail Join us on Zoom
Wednesday 15th July, 19:30 Witan 2021 Webinar Live stream on Facebook
Thursday 16th July, 20:00 Closing Ceremony! Live stream on Facebook

Opening Ceremony

Join us as we kickstart your virtual Witan experience! We will officially open the event, explain how your 9 day adventure will take place and also hold a very special Scout's & Guide's Own.

Sustainable Development Goals Workshop

Do you fancy saving the world? The Sustainable Development Goals are a UN scheme supported by Scouts and Guides from across the world. We'll run through what they are and how you can get involved.

International Campfire

The International Campfire at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre is world renowned! Join us for a very special virtual campfire with contributions from clubs and individuals from all across the world as we recreate a little bit of that magic for you in your living rooms.

Scavenger Hunt

Explore the wonders of Kandersteg and the surrounding beauty on the ultimate online treasure hunt. Work in teams together or alone as you search for clues and compete against the rest of SSAGO to be our treasure hunt champion.

Quiz Night

Think you know SSAGO and international Scouting and Guiding? Join us with your mates for a all or nothing quiz to determine who is our Kandersteg royalty! Our rounds will take you around the world and back all from the comfort of your favourite chair or bed.

Craft Night

Lets get crafty! Join our resident craftinator as we dabble in some Swiss themed crafts. Expect a relaxed evening with lost of uses of he phrase "here's one I prepared earlier".

Light Trail

The Light Trail is a staple of KISC's evening activities. We'll go on an online spiritual journey across zoom. This activity is a great chance for you to mix others from all over SSAGO and beyond to share thoughts and feelings.

Witan 2021 Webinar

Interested in attending Witan 2021 and want to find out more? Join us for a webinar where we'll explain everything and a bit more! There will be a Q&A at the end, so if you have any questions there will be a chance to get them answered.

Closing Ceremony

Join us as we round off and close our virtual Witan experience, remember the highlights, run through the winners and look ahead to Witan 2021.

Virtual Witan doesn't just consist of the evening activities on our schedule. There's still lots you can do to take part during the day!

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